The Time I Heard The First Fairytale,
I Thought Everything Was Fake And Crazily Insane,
Princesses And Prince Charming Doesn’t Exist,
But Life Surprises Us With Its Very Own Twists…
Amidst The Normal Life That You Lead,
There Comes Someone Special Whose Love is Guaranteed…!

The Time I Set My Eyes Upon You,
I Had The Strangest Feeling of Déjà vu,
A Frantic Pounding…
A Racing Heart…
The Feeling That Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.
Gravity Of Earth No Longer Tied Me,
‘Coz You Were The Only One I Could See…!

The Time We Watched The Sunset Together,
Was The Moment We Will Cherish In Our Hearts Forever…
Blood-Red Streaks Of The Twilight Started Fading,
Lost In Your Arms My Emotions Were Cascading.
Savoring The Moment…
Glowing In The Flamboyant Scene…
With The End Of The Day, There Was A New Beginning…!

The Time When You Said You Loved Me,
I Thought The Whole World I Have Seized,
The Way You Looked Into My Eyes,
Reflected The Love That Never Dies.
Your Hand That Lead Me To The Land Of Fantasies,
The Enchanting Meadows…
The Lustrous Trees…
Everything That An Ordinary Girl Could Ever Dream…!

The Time Of Our First Kiss I Can Never Forget,
The Most Magical Moment Watching The Sunset…
The Hot White Sand Was Blistering Our Feet,
The Stage From Where We Couldn’t Retreat,
Unable To Look Away Once Our Eyes Met,
Getting Lost In each Other Was All That We Felt.
Hands Intertwined…
Unwilling To Stay Apart…
Our Lips Met With A Throb In Our hearts.
Enthralled By The Divine Feelings That Surrounds,
The Caress Of Your Lips Had Swept Me Off The Ground…!

You Made Me Feel Special With Each Passing Day,
We Have Found Love And Its Here To Stay,
You Drive Me Crazy With Your Dazzling Smile,
Nowadays I Believe In Fairytales…
‘Coz ‘Happily Ever After’ Is What Makes It Worthwhile.
As We Walk Together Leaving Sand Trails,
Witnessing The Blazing Blue Sea And The Yacht That Sails…
So Here Are We…Re-Writing Our Own Fairytale!


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