Every’body’ is Beautiful! <3

“Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me.”

~ Quincy Jones

Recently, I came across an e-card quote on Facebook saying, “Real men like curves, Only dogs go for bones” and my instant reaction was *rubbing my eyes* – Seven Hells! What did I just see? Is it really 21st Century? These so-called ‘real men’ have got some ‘real talents’ to come up with such skinny shaming quotes.


While this quote made me furious, it also took me down the memory lane. I have been skinny for as long as I can remember. Due to this, I have got a lot of criticisms, comments, suggestions, diet plans, blah blah blah. When I was in school, being short and skinny never really bothered me; rather I was the happiest person until boards happened. In my SSC, I normally used to avoid attending weddings because I had a brilliant reason,i.e., ‘Studies’. But, unfortunately, I decided to attend one and a relative whom I had met for the very first time without hesitating asked me, “So, how is your scholarship studies going?” I was dumbfounded. I replied saying, “I am studying for boards.” Seeing her confused look, I cleared my throat and continued, “I am in 10th standard.” She was shocked as if she had seen an alien and immediately tried cover up the awkwardness of the situation with a friendly pat on my shoulder saying, “Oh! I thought you were in 7th standard.” *Not helping, lady. The damage is done* I managed to put on a smile but that was the first time I realized something might be wrong with my body structure and started getting really worried about it.

Trust me, I have gone through everything – right from being asked the patent question for all the skinny people around the world: “When are you going to gain weight?” to people measuring my wrist while giving a pitiful look. Some started saying obnoxious things to my parents like “Don’t worry, she will gain weight when she will become pregnant.” That’s *NOT* how you console the parents of a 16-year-old girl, Folks! On the other hand, I was pretty amused by the creativity of people who were skinny shaming me. These people didn’t stop at sarcastic comments or suggestions but some also started making fun out of it. I remember in college when I told my friends that I was planning to get a tattoo, someone replied saying, “That’s cool! But where is the surface area for it?” 😐

Over the years, I tried everything possible to gain weight but nothing worked (so much money wasted on Endura mass and Ensure *rolling eyes*). I was dejected with my body frame which turned me into an introvert. I started being at home often watching Bollywood movies. To be honest, the perfect body of the actresses shown in movies made me more discontented with myself. As I grew up and became more mature, I realized that these beauty standards are set by media and even if you are way lesser or more than the perfect body shape, you are still beautiful. Your abilities and intellect outweigh your shape any damn time. (pun unintended)

So what should be done with these people? Whether they should be given the taste of their own medicine or should be completely shunned down?  Initially, I used to get hurt and didn’t react to such comments. But then I realized, if you don’t speak, they will never give up their ways and you *cannot* give anyone the authority to hurt you. Thus, I decided to reply them with a more sarcastic comment and every time it worked beautifully. “Goli nhi maarenge, keh ke lenge uski.”

Entertaining such people than required will only mean that they have succeeded in casting you down and spreading negativity in your life. So be positive, keep smiling and keep loving your body no matter what!

Alright, its 6.30am in the morning and I am super late for jogging. I really hope I won’t disappear into thin air while running. 😉 (Yep, the last line was stolen from some creative person. Ok. Thanks. Bye. 😛 )



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