Is wearing a dress few inches above your knee illegal in India?

“When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you.”
~ Steve Maraboli

Hey guys,

It’s almost 4 a.m. in the morning and I’m simply unable to sleep as I need to flush out the humiliation I faced yesterday (technically speaking) by penning down my emotions.

Even though it was drizzling occasionally, I found it to be a perfect day to hang out. No more of the dark gloomy clouds that would make you feel dull and force you not to move an inch from your bed. Instead, the smell of the earth after rains was irresistible and compelling me to move out of the house and intake some fresh air.

Thus, after deciding the venue and time with my boyfriend, the next obvious thing any girl would do is – think about what to wear, so did I. Due to the nature of the unforeseen rains, I decided to wear a dress as drying up of jeans in this weather might take days. So, I dressed up and was all set to feel the fresh air against my face and the cold breeze blowing through my hair. My face glowed with a broad smile by the mere thought of it. I met my guy and he welcomed me as usual without really bothering about the length of my dress whatsoever. But, I didn’t think in the wildest of my dreams that it would bother so much to other people who were complete strangers to me.

As we stopped at every signal, I found eyes looking at me. Some were staring silently, while others were mischievously giggling among themselves. I decided to ignore them because obviously, this is India and we can’t control everyone’s actions or change everyone’s mindset. We have to accept that some cheap, narrow-minded people exist here and it’s practically impossible to shout down everybody or abuse at each one of them. It’s a fact that according to them, the length of a girl’s clothes reflects her modesty. I have absolutely no clue about which book they referred to learn such things.

Moving on, we reached our destination which also happens to be a well-known shopping mall in Thane. Before shopping, we decided to grab some food at the food court. As soon as we entered the area, a guy in his late 30s told something to his female friend who had her back towards us and she turned instantly to have a look. I stared right back at them and they started smiling and talking among themselves. Oh! Did you like my dress? Or my legs? Or my shoes maybe? THEN TELL ME ON MY FACE, YOU COWARDS!

Again ignoring another bunch of creeps, we had our lunch and made our way out of the food court. While walking, my boyfriend noticed people staring at me and still couldn’t fathom what was wrong.

After spending some time hunting shops after shops, we decided to check out Hypercity. So, as I passed through the kids’ section at Hypercity, I found one of their female employees turning around completely while looking at the hem of my dress as I walked passed her. I and my boyfriend immediately turned around only to find her and her male colleague gossiping and giggling while looking at me. I was shocked and horrified by this. I thought that enough is enough and something needs to be done. So, I enquired about the floor manager but as he was not available at that moment, I complained to one of the department executives. She confronted us with those employees. They immediately started denying it and replied saying that they were discussing something else. The executive assured us that strict action would be taken against them (which I seriously doubt). Soon, the floor manager was called and informed about the incident. He started apologizing us and promised that such incident won’t be repeated.

My entire day went from happy to horrible within seconds and the only reason behind this was a dress which could have easily fallen under the category of a school uniform. I couldn’t understand whether to laugh or cry at this situation. I couldn’t find answers to the questions like why a little skin show is considered to be such a taboo? Why do people give death stares to anyone wearing shorts in India?

Once I came home, with a calm mind I thought about the entire day. I was basically trying to give my mind a logical explanation behind people’s reaction but was unable to come to a sane conclusion. Some of the reasons behind people (males & females included) staring at a girl wearing shorts maybe:
a. because they enjoy it
b. because they envy you
c. because they just want to make you feel uncomfortable

The general perception of people is as follows:


For all those creeps indulging in clothes shaming and body policing,
I would like to say that thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to notice and think about me but believe it or not, my short dress has nothing to do with you. You may giggle at my small-sized dress but I laugh at your small-sized brains. If you are trying to make me feel uncomfortable in my own dress then you are failing miserably.  Moreover, if you think that your awkward glances and whispers would discourage me from wearing that dress again then you are wrong. Because I will wear any damn piece of clothing from my wardrobe that I like. You have neither given me birth nor have sponsored for my clothing so it’s better to mind your own freakin’ business. For god’s sake, do not make it look like it is illegal to wear short dresses in India.

Girl flaunting a dress that bothers you.


3 Things I Learnt by Mid-20s

“Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind.
The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself.”
~Baz Luhrmann

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since my first blog post but it seems like yesterday because time is moving at a tremendous speed for me. There’s a lot of pressure to do something, to pursue a good career and to make a mark for yourself. This is nothing else but mid-20s crisis that I have been facing for quite some time now.


I’m guilty as charged of stalking friends on Facebook who used to post – ‘started working at so and so organization.’ I have spent a considerable amount of time envying them rather than focusing on my own qualities. And that’s one of the mistakes that many of us make in our mid-20s.

By the mid-20s, many people have already secured a good job, but some of them are still struggling with their lives, waiting for that one opportunity to start something new and exciting about which they can proudly say – ‘this is what I love to do.’ While others are clear about their career goals but unsure about which path to take to reach that goal, rest of them are completely clueless about the goal itself. In my opinion, no matter in which category you fall in, the only thing you need to remember is – you *cannot* afford to lose faith in yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities.


There will be people looking down at you, giving you myriads of suggestions, taunting you for being good for nothing. Don’t let them decide what is good for you. Don’t let them control your emotions. Most importantly, don’t give them the power to decide how you feel about yourself. Shut them down completely till you figure out what is best for you. Don’t waste your energy is entertaining such negativity in your life.

giphy (1).gif

The second thing that I have learned is to stop comparing with your peers which may include your friends, relatives, etc. Everybody is moving at a different pace and your speed does not define your success or failure. Others concept of success may differ from yours. Some may think success is acquiring material wealth while others idea of success might mean reaching a targeted goal that one has set for oneself. Comparing yourself will only mean that you are moving at the same speed with others which many a time might not be the case. Most importantly, it’s *Okay* if your pace is slow, that indicates you are moving at least and not stuck at the same place you were 5 years ago.

Third and the most important thing I learned is that your competition is *NOT* with your peers but with yourself. If you have anyone to compare with, it should be you in the past and you in the future. You are your own competitor. Thus, strive to do better than your past and work towards over achieving the goals you have set for the future. In this process, it’s completely fine to be lost or being clueless about anything and everything because ‘this too shall pass.’

Till then, have faith, work hard and keep smiling.


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The Time I Heard The First Fairytale,
I Thought Everything Was Fake And Crazily Insane,
Princesses And Prince Charming Doesn’t Exist,
But Life Surprises Us With Its Very Own Twists…
Amidst The Normal Life That You Lead,
There Comes Someone Special Whose Love is Guaranteed…!

The Time I Set My Eyes Upon You,
I Had The Strangest Feeling of Déjà vu,
A Frantic Pounding…
A Racing Heart…
The Feeling That Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.
Gravity Of Earth No Longer Tied Me,
‘Coz You Were The Only One I Could See…!

The Time We Watched The Sunset Together,
Was The Moment We Will Cherish In Our Hearts Forever…
Blood-Red Streaks Of The Twilight Started Fading,
Lost In Your Arms My Emotions Were Cascading.
Savoring The Moment…
Glowing In The Flamboyant Scene…
With The End Of The Day, There Was A New Beginning…!

The Time When You Said You Loved Me,
I Thought The Whole World I Have Seized,
The Way You Looked Into My Eyes,
Reflected The Love That Never Dies.
Your Hand That Lead Me To The Land Of Fantasies,
The Enchanting Meadows…
The Lustrous Trees…
Everything That An Ordinary Girl Could Ever Dream…!

The Time Of Our First Kiss I Can Never Forget,
The Most Magical Moment Watching The Sunset…
The Hot White Sand Was Blistering Our Feet,
The Stage From Where We Couldn’t Retreat,
Unable To Look Away Once Our Eyes Met,
Getting Lost In each Other Was All That We Felt.
Hands Intertwined…
Unwilling To Stay Apart…
Our Lips Met With A Throb In Our hearts.
Enthralled By The Divine Feelings That Surrounds,
The Caress Of Your Lips Had Swept Me Off The Ground…!

You Made Me Feel Special With Each Passing Day,
We Have Found Love And Its Here To Stay,
You Drive Me Crazy With Your Dazzling Smile,
Nowadays I Believe In Fairytales…
‘Coz ‘Happily Ever After’ Is What Makes It Worthwhile.
As We Walk Together Leaving Sand Trails,
Witnessing The Blazing Blue Sea And The Yacht That Sails…
So Here Are We…Re-Writing Our Own Fairytale!


Every’body’ is Beautiful! <3

“Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me.”

~ Quincy Jones

Recently, I came across an e-card quote on Facebook saying, “Real men like curves, Only dogs go for bones” and my instant reaction was *rubbing my eyes* – Seven Hells! What did I just see? Is it really 21st Century? These so-called ‘real men’ have got some ‘real talents’ to come up with such skinny shaming quotes.


While this quote made me furious, it also took me down the memory lane. I have been skinny for as long as I can remember. Due to this, I have got a lot of criticisms, comments, suggestions, diet plans, blah blah blah. When I was in school, being short and skinny never really bothered me; rather I was the happiest person until boards happened. In my SSC, I normally used to avoid attending weddings because I had a brilliant reason,i.e., ‘Studies’. But, unfortunately, I decided to attend one and a relative whom I had met for the very first time without hesitating asked me, “So, how is your scholarship studies going?” I was dumbfounded. I replied saying, “I am studying for boards.” Seeing her confused look, I cleared my throat and continued, “I am in 10th standard.” She was shocked as if she had seen an alien and immediately tried cover up the awkwardness of the situation with a friendly pat on my shoulder saying, “Oh! I thought you were in 7th standard.” *Not helping, lady. The damage is done* I managed to put on a smile but that was the first time I realized something might be wrong with my body structure and started getting really worried about it.

Trust me, I have gone through everything – right from being asked the patent question for all the skinny people around the world: “When are you going to gain weight?” to people measuring my wrist while giving a pitiful look. Some started saying obnoxious things to my parents like “Don’t worry, she will gain weight when she will become pregnant.” That’s *NOT* how you console the parents of a 16-year-old girl, Folks! On the other hand, I was pretty amused by the creativity of people who were skinny shaming me. These people didn’t stop at sarcastic comments or suggestions but some also started making fun out of it. I remember in college when I told my friends that I was planning to get a tattoo, someone replied saying, “That’s cool! But where is the surface area for it?” 😐

Over the years, I tried everything possible to gain weight but nothing worked (so much money wasted on Endura mass and Ensure *rolling eyes*). I was dejected with my body frame which turned me into an introvert. I started being at home often watching Bollywood movies. To be honest, the perfect body of the actresses shown in movies made me more discontented with myself. As I grew up and became more mature, I realized that these beauty standards are set by media and even if you are way lesser or more than the perfect body shape, you are still beautiful. Your abilities and intellect outweigh your shape any damn time. (pun unintended)

So what should be done with these people? Whether they should be given the taste of their own medicine or should be completely shunned down?  Initially, I used to get hurt and didn’t react to such comments. But then I realized, if you don’t speak, they will never give up their ways and you *cannot* give anyone the authority to hurt you. Thus, I decided to reply them with a more sarcastic comment and every time it worked beautifully. “Goli nhi maarenge, keh ke lenge uski.”

Entertaining such people than required will only mean that they have succeeded in casting you down and spreading negativity in your life. So be positive, keep smiling and keep loving your body no matter what!

Alright, its 6.30am in the morning and I am super late for jogging. I really hope I won’t disappear into thin air while running. 😉 (Yep, the last line was stolen from some creative person. Ok. Thanks. Bye. 😛 )



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First blog post. Ever.


Hi guys,

For a very long time, I have been pretending to be a good writer. The only reason I never published my writings was the fear of criticism which may have included social exclusion.

I have also been known to be a perpetual opinionated blabber. My rant was limited to my family and close friends. But, by this blog, I have decided to extend the community. In this blog, I would be focusing on writing about completely random stuff.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and keep smiling. 🙂